Sarah & Barrie, Married 7/2018

I was online through boredom as I was having issues sleeping at night, Barrie just went on cause his friend was online. I seen his photo and thought he looked cheeky but nice and sent him a friendly hey how are you message, never expecting to hear back from. He messaged a few minutes later and since that first message we spoke constantly, were texting the day after and had an all night phone call on the 4th night and met up on the 5th day. Since then we have gone through so much and I can’t imagine life without him in it now. We married in 2017 with a small intimate wedding and in 2019 he supported me through losing my mum to cancer and has spent countless days in hospital with me going through surgery for my Crohn’s disease and just flare up stays in general and supported me throughout it all. He’s my rock. I NEVER expected to meet my soulmate on a dating site but that’s exactly what happened. I we’ve found the other half of ourselves and we could not be happier. Well done on another excellent match POF.