, Married 11/2018

Chad and I both had recently gotten out of very toxic relationships. It seemed a bit soon to be dating already but with how unhealthy our previous relationships were, we both had emotionally checked out a long time ago and were both ready to feel something again. I can't speak for Chad but I had just created my account and had only been on for about a day when he contacted me. He thought there was no way I would write back and to be honest I almost didn't because his pictures weren't very clear. There was one good one of his face and I remember he had a beard and I was like... Yep! I'll give him a shot lol. To be honest I wasn't looking for anything serious I just wanted good conversation and maybe a few complements to make me feel better about myself after getting verbally abused so much in my last relationship. What I got with Chad was so much more! He was funny, caring, easy to talk to, whitty, goofey and just as strange as me. We hit it off instantly! We would talk into late hours of the night. We never really said goodbye, we just continued where we left off when we woke up. I fell for him almost immediately. I didn't think that chivalry still existed but he proved me wrong. He doesn't play mind games or call me outside of my name. He is a hard worker, an amazing Christian, he loves to travel, he loves food just as much as me lol, we're into the same music and movies... Oh! And he makes me snort laugh! Someone pinch me. Absolutely the man of my dreams. Our first date was just a simple walk around the block and sitting in a local park talking and now we have been together about three years and have just celebrated our first year of marriage! I still fall more and more in love with him everyday. Our relationship has its issues but nothing we can't work out together. POF is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Thank you so much!