Rocky & James, Married 9/2019

I messaged him first because he looked smiley and had a really interesting profile which made me laugh. I thought "even if we don't spark I know we'll have a good night". He owns an ice cream business and after our first date he brought me my own batch of rhubarb and custard (I still have some left). My teenage kids found out and told me off for not letting them vet him so after a few dates he met them and got the seal of approval. After a few months he rang me in the middle of the night, driving back from work, as he'd had a huge car accident and had to be picked up from the moors and taken to hospital. I remember wanting to turn around because I knew it'd be bad and realised I couldn't be without him. He was fine, thank God! The following week his mum called to say he was on his way to hospital again! So I was waiting for him at A&E and he said he knew he'd marry me when he saw me at the door of the ambulance. As he was full of morphine it came out as "I'm going to marry you so hard"! To make it awkward, one of the chaps I had been speaking to before meeting James on POF was working at the hospital so I had to hide my face when he came to collect a patient! He surprises me every day with more things I love about him and he joins in with all the silly songs I sing around the house! We have the best fun and we've had some crappy things happen to us early on and we both just took on whatever we needed to do for the other. We got married in September 2019 and had our honeymoon in Iceland and New York. Next a familymoon to Disneyland in spring, not what either of us expected when we joined POF three years ago!