Latoya & Jemal, Married 2/2018

I had been on POF for little while and nothing looked promising, I talked to a few guys on here, which lead to nothing, actually I had horrible encounters, and I was about to erase my profile but for some reason I didn't, Which now I am glad I didn't, not knowing my husband would find me. My husband messaged me and we talked online for a good 3 months before I agreed to even meet him in person. When we did it was at starbucks, where we sat and talked for 3 hours about any and everything. I picked on him for getting hot chocolate from Starbucks, who does that ? Lol, we then went and got Wendy's and from that day to this day we were never apart again. We got married, then had a beautiful baby girl that I was told I would never have. And now we about to celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary. My husband came to me when I didnt think love was possible because my past was so damaged and I knew that couldn't be what love was. He became my very bestfriend and I am thankful he was made to love my love, and give me love correctly and healthy. I dont know what else to say besides he just feels good to my soul and nothing will ever compare. So POF thank you for all the craziness so I could get to this guy, the best part of me. The Winsteads