Ayamel & Daniel, Married 12/2019

He typed “gorgeous” instead of “hottie” and strayed from using your typical online dating verbiage. After a couple of days of exchanging messages I shared my number and since that fist conversation, we’ve been inseparable. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have those not so good “I’m still getting to know you” moments. We were curious about one another and so the story continues. I knew he was a keeper the moment he looked me in the eyes, but I’ll admit that his plan to take me out for dinner and bowling on our first date instead of just coffee, really made a difference, I think girls know what I mean. ;) His favorite thing about me from when we first met? “I’m the girl your mom wishes you get” lol I know right? I’m extra! but I did write that on my POF profile and he looked forward to introducing me to his family since. It happened really fast, after about 16 days of dating he asked me to be his girlfriend and within a month he asked if I’d ever consider doing life with him. My brain was spinning and my heart with it. Daniel is a true Gem! And I was excited! Not because he’s been committed since day 1, but because deep inside, there was a knowing part of me that just knew this was it. We got married a month after our engagement, Daniel had a dream of us getting married around Christmas and so we said “I Do” December 13, 2019. A person becomes “the one” the moment you say “I do” and I’m glad I found my one. The knowing You found the one part is different for everyone and I am so glad we gave opportunity to love even when we were a bit scared, nervios and maybe crazy and but it’s so worth it. He is a simple country man, I am the real spicy Latina, both of us living in Los Ángeles and we can’t express how glad our hearts are that our relationship happened and it all started in a conversation neither of us thought would lead anywhere. May you find the one that makes your heart glad. With love, The Dougherty’s