Donna & Gary, Married 1/2020

We started talking in September 2017 and met in the October. We really got on well on the phone and I was worried when we met that we wouldnt have the spark which was always the way! Gary was worried I wouldn't look like my photos! However when we met, I took one look at him and there were fireworks and he felt the same way. Across dinner that evening I looked at him and knew at that point I was going to marry this guy. He invited me to a new year ball on that date and of course I accepted. I have a huge family and they all love Gary, hes the nicest guy you could ever meet. Gary's family consists of a handful, but some amazing friends!! We couldn't keep away from each other. He constantly makes me laugh, he totally stole my heart. In the January I rented my house out in Essex and moved to Hertfordshire in with Gary. In February we see a house we fell in love with and put in an offer. In the May 2018 we moved into our dream home. In May 2019 he proposed on holiday in Turkey, and in January 2020 we were married. It was an amazing huge beautiful wedding, set in a mansion, it was a dream. Our 3 daughters and granddaughter were bridesmaids, Gary's son was best man and my son gave me away. The whole day was amazing. To this day we have never argued or had a cross word. We really have a most perfect relationship, we have never been happier. Life couldn't be any better. Thank you POF for bringing us together. For every 1000+ that dont work somewhere there are relationships that do work. However noone could ever be as perfectly matched as us. We have you to thank. A million thank yous will never be enough xxxxx P.s. I tried to upload a photo but not sure if it did, email me for a photo if it failed