Megan & Ken, Married 7/2020

Ken and Megan were born and raised just 15 miles from each other. Their high schools competed against each other in sports and they even attended the same college, Rutgers ... Go Knights! You'd think that through all of the path crossing these two have done over the years, they would have bumped into each other a time or two. But life had different plans. On an early June day in 2014, Megan and Ken happened to both be on the same online dating app, Plenty of Fish, when they liked one another's pages and started talking. At the beginning it was fun and flirty and as the days went by the conversations got deeper and more interesting. About a week later they took their online app relationship to social media and became Facebook and Instagram friends. Another week went by and Ken finally asked Megan for her actual phone number where they texted and talked on the phone for a few more days before deciding to finally meet. On June 28th, 2014 Megan drove to Ken's apartment for their first date (because he had a new kitten to show off). They went to Bonefish Grill and shared the Bang Bang Shrimp and continued their month long conversations. After dinner they went back to Ken's apartment with the intention to digest dinner and then head out for some ice cream, but instead they spent the next two hours talking about their lives and realizing they had way more in common than they thought. The night went on so long that Megan lost track of time, forgetting to check in with her mother, who was threatening to call the cops if she didn't hear back soon! They went on two more dates, one being Ken's birthday on July 13th, where Megan surprised him with tickets to a comedy show, because neither of them had been before. Of course they were sat in the front row and got picked on the entire time. They learned even more about each other like what they wanted from their future all from that two hour event. That night, they had their first kiss under the stars. The next morning Megan left for a 7 day trip. Ken was bored and kept in contact with Megan the entire time. They arranged to see each other again once Megan returned home. This time they went out with a big group of Ken's friends. Megan and his friends seemed to hit it off. Two days later on July 28th, Megan and Ken were officially "boyfriend and girlfriend". It started off sweet with family game nights, pumpkin picking and ice skating and progressed into a 5 years and growing, skydiving, hiking trip kind of life. A year later Megan and Ken shared their first vacation in Rincon, Puerto Rico. They rented a small bungalow and spent the days relaxing, surfing and exploring together. Halfway through the trip, sitting on the beach watching the sunset, Ken leaned over and told Megan that he loved her for the very first time. Fast forward 3 years, the couple was heading back to Rincon, PR for a friends wedding. Little did Megan know, Ken had already gotten permission from the family, designed and purchased the ring and asked the soon to be newlyweds their permission to get engaged on this trip. On a walk to "check out the waves", Megan and Ken, along with some friends (to be the photographers) stumbled upon the same beach where Ken told Megan he loved her for the first time. After some fun banter, Ken got down on one knee and proposed to Megan. Pure shock was written all over her face and it actaully took Megan over 20 seconds to say YES. On July 25th 2020, Megan and Ken will be wed at the Sandy Hook Chapel in NJ. They have decided to honor Plenty of Fish at their wedding by using live fish as their centerpieces. With over 20 tables, there will certainly be, "Plenty of Fish"!