Kathryn & Christine, Married 8/2019

I remind her all the time, Christine is lucky she even got an initial response. After trying online dating multiple times, I was becoming a bit frustrated as it seemed most people were looking for less-than serious relationships. I began to get really tired of the same old introductions, so I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't take time to respond to people who commented first on my looks, as opposed to my profile. I can't remember exactly what she said, but it was definitely about my looks. And I almost didn't respond. But I took a look at her profile and reconsidered. The rest is history. We hit it off right away. We are very different people, so the "honeymoon" period ended rather quickly. But she was different because, rather than bailing as soon as there was conflict, she was patient and took the time to get to know me...to really know me...and eventually we both learned better ways to communicate with each other. Long term relationships do take some work, and she was willing to put in the work. Christine is absolutely my forever person, my best friend, the person I want to share everything with. Her smile and reassuring touches can get me through anything that life may throw our directions.