Joshua & Neaira, Married 8/2021

Neaira Williams is a senior sales and operation manager at a Fortune 500 company and a children's book author who was tired of meeting the same type of men. She had only been in short term relationships that led nowhere and was ready to meet someone who matched her goals, ambitions, success, morals, and faith. Joshua Williams is a young attorney and rising star in the local legal community who was just getting over the heartbreak that was the end of his 13-year long marriage. Both were ready for true love and were not in the mood for games. It took the right approach to get the attention of a woman of this caliber. Her photos and profile caught his attention and Joshua was up for the task. He slid in her POF dms with a response that was directly related to her profile and not just her beauty. He wanted to know if he was qualified for the position to be her future husband. At first, Neaira laughed, and told him he was overqualified.......but he did not give up....... Like applying for his dream job, Joshua was persistent. He asked if she needed his resume or references.......This finally got her to open up to him and they exchanged phone numbers. Literally, the rest is history!!! After just 4 days of talking and texting they were anxious to see if this could be something real....Joshua actually thought he was being catfished because she was just too good to be true.... By the end of the first date, they both knew .....that whatever this was going to be special. Since that first date, they have been inseparable. Even before he proposed most people who ran into Neaira would ask her "where is your husband?" They all could tell his intentions and so could she. Joshua set the ground rules early on and made it well known that he would treat her as his wife from day one because he was auditioning to be her husband and that he demanded the same. That audition lasted just one year and he was down on one knee with all their friends and family to witness. Their love has grown beyond their expectations and that love began on POF. Any chance they get they courage their friends and family to join POF. Especially, if they are looking to meet that special person who could be the one. They may not find that person at the club or your favorite bar, but they have a great chance at meeting them on POF. August 28, 2021, is the big day......they will become was meant to be.......she won't even have to change her last name.........twice the Williams is their motto........and to think they could have saved themselves all the trouble and heartache that they have experienced in their lives apart if they just would have walked a few blocks as teenagers and met in person decades ago........but then again it took a website like POF to finally bring them together!!!!!!